Charlotte Initiative

The Charlotte Initiative for Permanent Acquisition of eBooks by Academic Libraries

Platform & Preservation Research Team

The charge of this research team is to investigate current and developing options for digital preservation of ebooks collections in academic libraries. The team will outline the strengths and weaknesses of each option, including the role of licensing terms and agreements, and create a framework for evaluating options. The team will undertake an inventory of options being used or planned by various consortia and individual libraries and outline what libraries would need in order to create their own preservation platforms in terms of technical infrastructure, metadata and licensing. The team will articulate how these platforms might fit into the larger preservation ecosystem.
Kate Davis
Scholar’s Portal, OCUL
Assistant Director (Collections & Digital Preservation), Team Co-Leader and Project Team Member
Will Wakeling
Dean of Libraries, Team Co-Leader and Project Team Member
Beth Caruso
UNC Charlotte
Research Assistant
Anne McKee
Program Officer for Resource Sharing
Christine Peterson
Amigos Library Services
Amigos eShelf Service Manager
Bob Price
UNC Charlotte
Assistant Dean for Technology and Digital Strategies
David Scherer
Carnegie Mellon University Libraries
Scholarly Communication’s and Research Curation Consultant
Brad Spry
UNC Charlotte
Technology & Digital Strategy
Patrick Yott
Associate Dean, Digital Strategies and Services