Charlotte Initiative

The Charlotte Initiative for Permanent Acquisition of eBooks by Academic Libraries

Project Timeline

January 2015

  • Call for bids for consultant position (project team)

April 2015

  • Selection of consultant (project team) Initial meeting of consultant and project team

May – September 2015

  • Begin recruitment of Working Group members (project team, consultant)
  • Recruit and hire research assistants (project team)
  • Begin environmental scan of publisher offerings conducted (consultant)
  • Literature reviews of user experience and course adoptions conducted (project team, research assistants)

September 2015 – Two-day Meeting in Charlotte, NC (project team working group, consultant, research assistants)

  • Presentation of literature reviews
  • Publishers panel
  • Development of scope of library practices section of environmental scan
  • Solicit nominations for research team members, virtual participation
  • Agree to creation of Platform and Preservation Research Team

October 2015 and ongoing

  • Initial environmental scan of business models and licensing; ongoing (consultant)
  • Replace open positions for Working Group and Research Team leaders (project team, consultant)

November 2015

  • Two presentations at Charleston; solicit research team volunteers
  • Working group WebEx meeting

January 2016

  • Confirm members and launch research teams to continue periodically
  • Research teams begin determining whether to develop and implement surveys, interviews, and other qualitative research methods for subtopics

February 2016

  • Working group WebEx meeting
  • Licensing research team launched
  • Literature review begins
  • Start legal research of licensing topics, including law review articles, case law, current licenses in use, statement of principles from publishing and library organizations
  • Platform and preservation team launched
  • Literature review begins
  • Begin planning for September 2016 and April 2017 meetings (project team, research assistants)

April 2016

  • Working group WebEx meeting

May 2016

  • Working group WebEx meeting
  • Report progress of research teams
  • Revise goals and objectives

June 2016

  • Interim report to Mellon (PI, project team, consultant)

Summer 2016

  • Research teams continue as needed

September 2016 – Two-day Meeting in Charlotte, NC (project team working group, consultant, research assistants)

  • Present findings of each research team
  • Consultant final report on the environmental scan for group discussion
  • Include invited speakers as needed
  • Plan schedule and program for open conference

January – February 2017

  • Research teams will draft proposals for follow-up projects based on their findings
  • Preparations for Open Conference

March/April 2017 – eBooks and the Academic Library Market: The Charlotte Initiative, Open Conference in Charlotte, NC (project team working group, consultant, research assistants, registrants)

April 2017 – Project Completion and final report submission (project team, consultant)