Charlotte Initiative

The Charlotte Initiative for Permanent Acquisition of eBooks by Academic Libraries

User Experience Research Team

The charge of this research team is to review the existing literature on patron satisfaction with multiple aspects of eBooks, conduct a meta-study to determine areas of the user experience with eBooks in academic libraries that have been studied comprehensively, and identify areas where more study is needed. The team will conduct surveys, interviews, and other qualitative studies to establish how libraries currently assess and evaluate patron satisfaction with their eBook collections. By the end of the grant, the team will be prepared to define appropriate criteria that individual institutions can use to guide their own assessments of user experience with eBooks in academic library settings, and will prepare follow-up proposals for implementation grants and/or institutional funding to create and distribute template materials for an assessment toolkit.
Alison Bradley
Davidson College
Collection Development Librarian and Liaison Coordinator
Beth Caruso
UNC Charlotte
Research Assistant
Allison Belan
Duke University Press
Assistant Director for Digital Publishing
Natalie Bennett
UT- Chattanooga
Online Services Librarian
Karen Bohrer
Wellesley College
Director of Library Collections
Tara Cataldo
University of Florida
Science Collections Coordinator
Emily Chan
San Jose State University
Senior Assistant Librarian
Chan Li
California Digital Library
Library Data Analyst
Dave Comeaux
Web Development Librarian
Sue Kendall
San Jose State University
Geri Purpur
Appalachian State
User Experience Librarian
Trey Shelton
University of Florida
Mary Beth Thomson
University of Kentucky
Senior Associate Dean for Collections, Digital Scholarship and Technical Services
Rachel Winterling
UNC Charlotte
Usability Coordinator
John Wiswell
Appalachian State
Health Sciences Librarian